Programs and Services

Comment signaler un déversement dans les TNO.
Information about how to conduct research, view, share and collect data, and the importance of traditional knowledge when conducti
Information on beverage container recycling, electronics recycling, and the single--use retail bag program in the NWT
reusable bag
A program encouraging residents to use reusable bags instead of purchasing paper or plastic bags from retailers for 25¢.
Renseignements, description, répartition géographique ainsi que sondage sur lièvres et autres petits mammifères aux TNO.
A service to measure the volume of snow at the end of a season for flood monitoring, forest-fire prediction and research purposes.
Whooping Crane
Information about species at risk in Canada, our responsibility, the federal and territorial Species at Risk acts and stewardship.
Exprimez-vous au sujet du plan d’action sur les moyens de subsistance durables et du plan d’action sur le savoir traditionnel
Full-service analytical laboratory that performs a wide range of organic and inorganic chemical analyses on water and soil.
Information about obligations under the Traditional Knowledge Policy and Implementation Framework.
Programmes et services venant en aides aux chasseurs et trappeurs des TNO.
Apply for a summer outdoor environmental education program.
This Zone has been implemented to let hunters know where harvesting of Bathurst Caribou is prohibited.
Dettah recycling centre
Programs to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover waste products/materials across the NWT.
Information about water stewardship, regulatory responsibilities,water monitoring and assessment, transboundary water agreements.
Dernière information sur la situation des feux de forêt dans les TNO
The deadline to provide comment on this engagement has passed. Check back soon for results.
Repérage des symptômes de maladie chez un animal sauvage abattu, précautions à prendre avec la carcasse et prélever un échantillon