Be FireSmart!

When it comes to preparing for the threat of wildland fire, we all have a part to play.

Wildland fires are a natural part of Northwest Territories wildland ecosystems. Without wildland fire, the landscape loses its diversity. Wildland fires recycle nutrients, help plants reproduce and create a mosaic of vegetation that provides habitat for a variety of wildlife.

By choosing to extend our lifestyles and communities further into forested areas, we become more exposed to the danger of wildland fire. Living where wildland fires can occur puts your home or cabin at risk; however, it is possible to live safely with this natural event.

How FireSmart can help

FireSmart recommendations reduce the risk of wildfire to your property, community and neighbourhood, and help firefighters to defend your home.

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) provides FireSmart information and workshops to help communities, industry and homeowners reduce the threat of wildland fire.