Taiga Environmental Laboratory

Terms of service

Certification and accreditation

Taiga is accredited by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation (CALA) to ISO/IEC 17025 standards and accreditation is limited to the tests named on the scope of testing. View Taiga's scope of accreditation on the CALA website.

Turn-around time

The rates in the price guide are for standard turn-around times. This is normally ten (10) business days for reporting results of routine samples.

RUSH service

All samples received at the lab are analyzed on a “first come, first serve basis”, unless otherwise specified as RUSH. 

RUSH samples are priority and analyzed before routine samples. A premium charge of 100% will be charged for RUSH analysis (plus any other additional charges). 

RUSH services depend on staff availability, the analysis required and the capabilities of the laboratory.  Please contact the lab prior to requesting this service.

Minimum billing charge

A minimum billing charge of $25.00 (pre-GST) will apply to all invoices.

Volume sample discounts

Discounts may be available for analysis of volume sample shipments. Volume discounts depend on types of analysis required and applies only to the cost of analysis. Discounts are not applicable to RUSH samples.  Please contact us for a price quote. 

Sample containers

Sample bottles and preservatives, which meet Taiga's quality control specifications, are provided to clients free of charge (excludes shipping costs to client). To place a bottle order, please submit a Taiga Bottle Request Form a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Coolers and field equipment must be returned to the laboratory in a prompt manner or additional charges may apply.

Shipping charges

Sample kits and accompanying Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) shipments are shipped collect to the location requested by the client.

In-bound sample shipments to the laboratory must be pre-paid. All coolers and TDG shipping containers must be returned in a prompt manner or additional charges may apply.

Sample preparation

Some samples may require additional sample preparation, such as filtering, digestion and preservation. As a result, additional charges may apply on a per sample basis. See Additional Services and Charges for more information.

Sample storage

Due to limited storage space, samples will be kept for thirty (30) working days after final results have been reported. Extended sample storage will be charged accordingly. Samples found to contain high levels of hazardous materials--for example, cyanide, mercury, arsenic--will be returned to the client for proper disposal at the client's expense.

Limit of liability

Care and precaution is taken with all laboratory services; however, in the event of loss or damage, Taiga's liability in all circumstances is limited to re-analysis of the sample(s) at the laboratory's expense or the cancellation of charges.

Results apply only to the sample(s) submitted under the specific conditions upon receipt by Taiga Environmental Laboratory. The results do not imply to any conditions on the whole.

All prices are subjected to change without notice.


All data and reports are considered confidential and the property of the client. No information will be released to others without documented approval from the client.