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Information about monitoring and the development of a regulatory framework for air quality in the Northwest Territories.
Information about biodiversity and biodiversity action planning in the Northwest Territories.
There are five types of caribou in the NWT. Risks and management considerations for each type are very different.
Information about climate change in the Northwest Territories, and the Climate Change Strategic Framework.
Funding and monitoring program. Environmental monitoring and research to support better resource management decision-making.
Information on stewardship, protection and sustainable management of forest resources in the NWT.
A funding program for Aboriginal communities in unsettled claim areas to participate in land and resource management activities.
Independent audit to assess environmental information, processes related to monitoring cumulative impacts in the NWT.
Information about small mammals and hare cycles, surveys, protocols, agencies involved and how you can get involved.
Information about water stewardship, regulatory responsibilities,water monitoring and assessment, transboundary water agreements.