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crushed cans
Program to recycle beverage containers in the Northwest Territories.
A Program to recycle electronic devices in the Northwest Territories.
Information about the Giant Mine Remediation Project in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.
Information about the transport, burning and demolition of hazardous waste and information about collection events.
This community fish sampling program will gather information on fish from lakes around Yellowknife to support arsenic research.
Information about GNWT arsenic monitoring activities in the Yellowknife Area.
Information on permits required to pesticide use in the NWT.
Register your used oil burner and apply to incinerate waste fuel.
reusable bag
A program encouraging residents to use reusable bags instead of purchasing paper or plastic bags from retailers for 25¢.
Information about reporting hazardous spills, spills database and residential oil tanks.
Dettah recycling centre
Programs to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover waste products/materials across the NWT.
Information about how to apply and what is required to apply for funding under the the Waste Reduction and Recycling Initiative .