Water Management

NWT Water Monitoring Inventory

The NWT Water Monitoring Inventory has information about water monitoring programs, including description of the program, lead organization, location, and reporting mechanisms.

Monitoring programs are grouped under these broad organizational headings:

  • Federal Government
  • Government of the Northwest Territories
  • Aboriginal Governments
  • Communities
  • Industry
  • Academia (highlights other resources/programs/websites where academic research projects can be found but does not detail specific academic research)

View the NWT Water Monitoring Inventory and introductory text. For printing, 11X17 size paper is recommended. 

View a map of all water quality and quantity sites in the NWT produced based on the coordinates in the NWT Water Monitoring Inventory.

How can I provide comments and updates?

Water partners and interested individuals are encouraged to provide comments and/or updates on the NWT Water Monitoring Inventory by contacting Watershed Programs and Partnerships.