Seeking Expressions of Interest - Waste Reduction and Recovery Advisory Committee

ENR is seeking Expressions of Interest from individuals and organizations interested in serving as members of an advisory committee for waste reduction and recovery programs in the Northwest Territories (NWT). Members will provide advice and assistance on waste reduction and recovery programs including, but not limited to, design, implementation and operation. Read the Terms of Reference of the WRRAC.

At this time, representatives of the following sectors are encouraged to apply: 

  • community governments and associated organizations
  • distributors/manufacturers/retailers of tires, electronic and/or electrical products (including representatives of distributor/manufacturer associations)
  • the public at large

Candidates will be selected based on their experience and potential contribution to the WRRAC, and considerations will be given to ensure balance among represented sectors on the committee. It is therefore possible that one of the above-mentioned sectors may not be selected at this time.

Interested individuals should submit a resume and a brief letter of interest stating:

  • candidate’s experience in waste reduction and recycling programs, and how this experience will be of benefit to the WRRAC
  • sector represented (environmental organizations, community government retailers,  or waste haulers, processors and recyclers)

Letters of interest and general inquiries should be directed to


Throwing that away? ReThinkIt!

The Government of the Northwest Territories is encouraging residents to rethink their habits and the impact they have on the environment. We provide programs to help residents better manage their waste through reducing and recycling.

Your actions add up!

  • Over 325 million beverage containers have been recycled since the program started.
  • Since 2010, nearly 50 million single-use retail bags have been kept out of NWT landfills and off the land.
  • Over 200 tonnes of electronics have been collected forf recycling since 2016.
  • We’re hoping we can count on your continued support. ReThinkIt and keep the NWT clean!

How can I recycle beverage containers?

The Beverage Container Program (BCP) is a recycling initiative to help divert containers that would otherwise end up in Northwest Territories landfills or as litter along streets and highways. 

Find out how to recycle beverage containers in your community.

How can I recycle my electronics?

Electronics, such as laptops, desktop computers and printers are now accepted for recycling in the Northwest Territories.

Find out how to recycle electronics in your community.

What is the single-use retail bag program?

The single-use retail bag program was started to address the millions of single-use bags that cause unsightly litter in our communities and on the land. Since the start of the program, nearly 50 million bags have been kept out of Northwest Territories landfills and off the land.

Find out more about the single-use retail bag program and how it supports waste reduction and recycling in the NWT.

How can I get funding to do more waste reduction and recycling?

The Waste Reduction and Recycling Initiative provides up to $50,000 in financial assistance to NWT-based municipalities, Indigenous governments, schools, organizations, businesses and individuals to complete projects that reduce or recycle waste.

Apply for the Waste Reduction and Recycling Initiative.