NWT Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (NWT CIMP)

Inventory of Landscape Change Webviewer

What is the Inventory of Landscape Change webviewer?

You can use the Inventory of Landscape Change Webviewer to visualize and download spatial data related to human and natural disturbance in the Northwest Territories (NWT).   

One of NWT CIMP's objectives is to determine trends in environmental quality, potential contributing factors to changes and the significance of those trends. The launch of the Webviewer is an exciting milestone as the program moves towards making human and natural disturbance information available to a wide range of users through a publically accessible website. 

Inventory of Landscape Change webviewer
Inventory of Landscape Change Webviewer

An up-to-date inventory of disturbances and other changes on the landscape provides the foundation for monitoring and assessing cumulative effects and is a critical piece to the success of regulatory environmental assessment, wildlife and habitat management, forest management planning, and cumulative effects management and modeling. 

This information will also benefit Indigenous governments and other stakeholders by providing a picture of current and historic development that has occurred in the NWT.

What's in it?

With the Webviewer, you can view and download over 20 spatial datasets related to natural and human disturbance in the NWT. This data has been provided by a variety of government institutions and includes:

  • water license and land use permit locations
  • transportation and infrastructure layers developed by a variety of data providers
  • industry activities not captured in land and water board permitting registries
  • extent and age of forest fires in the NWT since 1965
  • watershed delineations to support disturbance calculations in individual watersheds
  • other disturbance mapping initiatives

What is next for the Webviewer?

This is just the beginning of the Webviewer. NWT CIMP recognizes there is still plenty of work to do to make the Webviewer an authoritative tool that provides accurate, comprehensive, and integrated landscape disturbance and change information.   

Based on user feedback to date, several activities this year to improve the webviewer include:

  • development of metadata standards (and population of these standards for existing datasets) so that users have appropriate information to assess the compatibility and comparability of datasets
  • biannual updates to the permitting registry data layer to ensure currency and to correct any errors that have been discovered and reported through the feedback tool on the webviewer
  • consolidation of similar datasets into master datasets to reduce redundancy and gaps between spatial layers of similar features
  • partnerships with other organizations to develop a comprehensive linear disturbance data layer for the boreal region of the NWT

How can you be involved?

Use this tool, become familiar with it, and provide your feedback to nwtcimp@gov.nt.ca. This is the best way for NWT CIMP to evaluate how to improve the tool. 

If you have data you think could be included in the Webviewer, NWT CIMP would love to hear from you. Please contact us, and program staff will work with you to determine if your data fits within the Inventory of Landscape Change Webviewer, and how best to include it.