Invasive alien species

NWT Invasive Alien Species Project

Many Northwest Territories (NWT) communities express concerns about the potential effects of invasive alien species (IAS) in their communities. Organizations, groups and communities are increasing their awareness of the risks related to IAS and are preparing to help reduce those risks. 

The goals of the NWT Invasive Alien Project are to develop our capacity to monitor, control introductions, and prevent the spread of IAS in NWT ecosystems.

The objectives of the IAS Project are to:

  • Increase knowledge of IAS and the risks to NWT ecosystems.
  • Develop tool to help detect IAS early enough to prevent their spread in NWT ecosystems.
  • Develop management and policy tools to respond to the most invasive species to reduce or eliminate impact on NWT ecosystems.
  • Increase opportunities for all organizations to share information and tools related to IAS in the NWT.

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