Programs and Services

Information about GNWT arsenic monitoring activities in the Yellowknife Area.
Information about description, distribution, habitat, harvesting and the cultural importance of moose in the Northwest Territories
Information about description, distribution and harvesting of muskoxen in the Northwest Territories.
Independent audit to assess environmental information, processes related to monitoring cumulative impacts in the NWT.
Information about description, distribution, habitat and status of polar bears in the Northwest Territories.
Information about policies enacted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
Information on preventing and managing spills of harmful substances in the NWT.
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Information for contractors on aircraft service standing offer agreements.
Information about description, distribution, habitat and diseases of the red fox in the Northwest Territories.
Fill out these forms to register as a hazardous waste generator or carrier in the NWT.
Register your used oil burner and apply to incinerate waste fuel.
Information on how to register your property to help protect it from wildland fire.
Information on how to report a spill in the NWT.
Information about how to conduct research, view, share and collect data, and the importance of traditional knowledge when conducti
Information on beverage container recycling, electronics recycling, and the single--use retail bag program in the NWT
reusable bag
A program encouraging residents to use reusable bags instead of purchasing paper or plastic bags from retailers for 25¢.
Information about small mammals and hare cycles, surveys, protocols, agencies involved and how you can get involved.