Programs and Services

The engagement period is now closed.
The Draft Boreal Caribou Range Planning Framework is now closed for public comment.
Information on the Ecosystem Classification Program, an ecologically-based landscape classification for environmental assessment.
Information about Government of the Northwest Territories environment-related education and outreach resources.
Program to recycle your old electronics in the Northwest Territories.
Tundra wolf
Learn about how to get increased incentives for harvesting wolves in the new North Slave Wolf Harvest Area.
Don't let carelessness cause a wildfire
Information about wildland fire management in the NWT.
Drunken forest in the Arctic
The deadline to provide comment on this engagement has passed. Check back soon for results.
Information on stewardship, protection and sustainable management of forest resources in the NWT.
Provides Northwest Territories trappers with access to the international fur auction market for fur harvested in the NWT
Information about the Giant Mine Remediation Project in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.
Information about description, distribution, habitat, harvest and human interactions with Grizzly bears in the NWT.
Information about Government of the Northwest Territories guidelines.
Information about description, distribution, habitat and different species of insects and spiders in the NWT.
Information about invasive alien species, their harm, and how to keep they from spreading in the Northwest Territories.
Information about legislation and regulations affecting NWT residents.
Information about the description and distribution of lynx in the Northwest Territories.
Information about the transport, burning and demolition of hazardous waste, along with information about collection events.