NWT Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (NWT CIMP)

Finding Data and Information

NWT Discovery Portal

All NWT CIMP project results are available on the NWT Discovery Portal. The easiest way to find project results is by searching for the NWT CIMP project ID number in the NWT Discovery Portal.

Inventory of Landscape Change Webviewer

Understanding cumulative impacts requires knowledge of both human and natural disturbance. The Inventory of Landscape Change Webviewer provides access to view and download multiple disturbance datasets. Data includes layers such as human development, forest fires and watershed boundaries. Disturbance layers are kept up-to-date and new layers are regularly added.

Mackenzie DataStream

The Mackenzie DataStream is an online, open access platform for sharing and exploring water data in the Mackenzie River Basin. Beginning in 2016, all data from currently funded NWT CIMP water quality projects is available on the Mackenzie DataStream.