Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (CIMP)


Results for 2010-2015: Fish, Caribou and Water

NWT CIMP has published short, high-level summaries of results from fish, caribou and water research and monitoring projects funded by the program from 2010-2015.

How to find results

NWT Discovery Portal

Check the NWT Discovery Portal for results from all Northwest Territories Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (NWT CIMP) projects.

The Portal is a comprehensive online source for NWT environmental monitoring knowledge. It contains over 2,600 individual entries, 900 of which are NWT CIMP-funded project results. There are a wide range of project results to meet the needs of different audiences, such as scientific journal articles, community presentations and maps.

The easiest way to find NWT CIMP project results is to consult the list of funded projects from 1999 to 2019 to discover projects of interest, and then conduct a search in the NWT Discovery Portal using the title, project number, or keywords. Use the Search Guide or contact for assistance with searching the portal. 

Project location maps

NWT CIMP has also created regional maps identifying CIMP project locations. Work is under way to produce maps for all regions.


A key goal of NWT CIMP is to make environmental trend data available to northern decision makers and the public. Information on environmental trends related to caribou, water, and fish is available in Environmental Trends.

State of the Environment Report

NWT CIMP contributes information to the annually-updated NWT State of the Environment Report

How useful are the results?

NWT CIMP believes it is important that research and monitoring results be published in peer-reviewed literature where appropriate to ensure a high standard of work. In 2015/16 NWT CIMP-supported researchers published sixteen peer-reviewed articles.

Results be presented in plain language so it can be broadly understood by decision-makers and the public. Given the legislated mandate of NWT CIMP to inform land and water use decisions, the results need to be presented so they can be used by decision-makers or others involved in regulatory processes. In 2015/16, eight project directly contributed information to a current decision making process.

NWT CIMP makes sure results and opportunities for feedback are provided to communities in which the research or monitoring is occurring. The lead of each project funded by NWT CIMP is required to attend an annual northern meeting. The program regularly hosts regional and territorial results meetings where researchers return to communities to explain and discuss their ongoing results. Community members receive support to travel to and attend these workshops. Results meeting reports and abstract volumes are available under Resources.