Climate Change

Science and monitoring

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) provides science and traditional knowledge-based monitoring of the climate of the Northwest Territories (NWT), the greenhouse gasses released within the NWT and the climate change impacts being experienced by NWT residents, wildlife and habitats. These monitoring programs allow for a better understanding of how climate change is impacting the NWT, what residents can expect to experience in the future and how they can adapt.

In addition to these monitoring programs, the GNWT also partners with organizations within and outside the NWT to undertake additional scientific research on climate change within the NWT. Some of the strongest and quickest climate change is being witnessed in the NWT, making it easier to observe and study these climate change impacts. By partnering with organizations capable of undertaking climate change research projects, the GNWT can achieve more results in regards to monitoring and studying climate change in the NWT.