Climate Change

Climate Youth Advisory Group


  • Beaufort Delta

  • Sahtú
  • Dehcho
  • North Slave (other than Yellowknife)


The GNWT acknowledges that Climate Change is a priority, and a defining issue of our time and that Youth’s experiences and perspectives are needed. The NWT Climate Change Council’s (CCC) Climate Youth Advisory Group (CYAG) will bring together voices of NWT youth to influence climate change action and policy in the NWT. 

Join the youth advisory group!

We’re seeking members aged 18-30 who care about climate change and want to make a difference by joining the CYAG from across the NWT.

The group aspires to represent all regions of the NWT equitably, by having two representatives from each region, plus two additional representatives from Yellowknife. This will be a space that supports diversity and inclusion and strives to be representative of the NWT population.  

Who can Apply

To join the group, you must be:

  • Between the ages of 18 and 30
  • An NWT resident and a current or previous resident of the region you plan to represent (recognizing that youth often leave for post-secondary study)
  • Experience, skills or knowledge that contribute to the vision of the Group
  • Interested in climate change policy and how to make an impact on they apply to the Northwest Territories.
  • Passionate about climate change and finding solutions to deal with it

Important abilities for all members include:

  • Leadership and interpersonal skills to effectively engage with and bring forward the views of other youth and community members (including elders)
  • Ability to work with all other members in a respectful and productive manner.
  • Ability to assess, discuss and make recommendations on environmental and climate change issues

Knowledge, experience, or education about environmental-related issues are an asset, but no formal education is required.

How to apply

What is expected of members

  • Attend at least 3 virtual meetings  and one in person meeting annually
  • Time availability to prepare for and attend virtual meetings and engage with peers in home region and beyond.
  • Use software like Microsoft Teams and email to collaborate with other members of the advisory group.
  • Engage with your community – that means other youth and elders — and represent their voice on the group.

What’s in it for you?

On top of making your voice heard to people who are making climate action happen in the NWT, you’ll receive:

  • An opportunity to learn about policy making and connect with the NWT CCC and inform GNWT climate action.
  • An honorarium — receive compensation for your time and commitment to making youth voices heard
    • Chair – $300 per day
    • Member – $250 per day
      • Chair and members - 50% per half-day (i.e., 3.5 hours or less)
  • A great opportunity to add to your resume
  • Opportunity to connect with youth across the NWT and establish a network with like-minded youth.

How candidate selection works

The selection of successful candidates will be made by an NWT Climate Change Council sub-group, who will assess candidates based on a balance of:

  • Relevant experience, skills and knowledge that will help the Group advance its vision and value
  • Age, residency, and commitment to have the time to engage in the Group activities

 *For example:    

  1. Skills and experience: leadership, advocacy, working with others, communication, analysis, engagement, integrity.
  2. Local/regional knowledge and/or educational background relevant to the position and the needs of the CYAG:
    • Knowledge and understanding of climate change impacts, including Indigenous and local knowledge, and northern impacts and issues
    • Knowledge of territorial, provincial, national, and international climate change policies or targets 

How the group is made up

The group strives to have regional diversity as climate change impacts vary across the NWT and will ideally include members from:

  • South Slave (2 members)
  • Dehcho (2 members)
  • Sahtu (2 members)
  • Beaufort Delta (2 members)
  • North Slave not including Yellowknife (2 members)
  • Yellowknife (2 members)

A Chairperson and Alternate Chairperson will be chosen by membership of the group.

Ideally, Consideration will be given to selecting one junior youth (18-24) and one senior youth (25-30) from each region.

Application deadlines

  • Intake period will close on January 25, 2023 for the Sahtu, Beaufort Delta, Dehcho and North Slave region with the exception of Yellowknife. Please send your form to

Projects, highlights, and insights

As we get this advisory group up-and-running, we expect to have lots of great work to highlight. Check back later!


The Youth Advisory Group is supported by the GNWT's climate change and air quality unit.. They take care of things like budgeting, compensation, scheduling, note-taking, and liaising with the Climate Change Council on-behalf of the Youth Advisory Group.