Climate Change

Putting principles first

A Greenhouse Gas Strategy for the Northwest Territories 2011-2015 (the Strategy) was the result of extensive consultations with Indigenous and community governments, residents, industry representatives and researchers. The GNWT heard that the people who live in the NWT want action on climate change. Many people are taking their own actions, and believe more needs to be done at all levels. The Strategy is the product of the views and values voiced by those who live in the NWT:

  1. Northerners are empowered to address a shared responsibility to take action on climate change.
  2. Northerners take real action to improve the well-being of the environment and their health in ways that help reduce the cost of living.
  3. Northerners maximize the economic opportunities created by shifting to local low-carbon energy sources.
  4. The GNWT delivers programs and designs policies reflecting the needs and priorities of residents, communities, local and regional governments and industry.
  5. The GNWT Territories programs are transparent and the results of the programs are measurable.
  6. The NWT collaborates with other territorial, provincial, national and international jurisdictions to coordinate action on climate change.