Climate Change

Greenhouse Gas Strategy

Like the rest of Canada and the world, the Northwest Territories (NWT) needs to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. This is a big task, and one that has enormous potential for the economy. Action now will allow the NWT to make the most of natural resources, stimulating green investment, green innovation and green jobs. The NWT has a rich history of adaptation and innovation designing efficient homes and businesses and finding new ways to use rivers, forests, sun and wind to make clean energy.

If the NWT remains dependant on fossil fuels, its economy will continue to be impacted by global markets. The cost of living will continue to increase with higher fuel prices, along wtih greenhouse gas emissions. A Greenhouse Gas Strategy for the Northwest Territories 2011-2015 (The Strategy) identifies actions in every sector that industry, communities and governments can take. The Strategy outlines a clear path for a prosperous and sustainable future, one in which the NWT can achieve success in a new low carbon economy.

The NWT Climate Change Strategic Framework is being  developed. It will replace the Greenhouse Gas Strategy and contain both climate change adapation and greenhouse gas reduction measures.