Climate Change

Adaptation actions

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) provides direction and funding for adaptation projects throughout the NWT. It also engages stakeholders within the NWT to help mainstream climate change adaptation throughout organizations being negatively impacted by climate change. Some examples of climate change adaptation actions and initiatives are:

  • Development of the Pan-Territorial Adaptation Partnership, which allows the sharing of knowledge and best practices across Nunavut, the NWT and the Yukon.
  • Beginning in 2012, the GNWT received funding from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada to distribute to ‘front-line’ climate change adaptation projects. Through this 5 year funding commitment, the GNWT has completed several climate change adaptation projects, which can be found at the  Pan-Territorial Adaptation Partnership website.
  • Research on landscape disturbance and hydrology including permafrost melt.
  • Applying risk management protocols to determine the vulnerability of infrastructure.
  • Consideration of climate change in building construction through the development and use of guides to provide best practices for changing snow conditions and for building foundations on permafrost.
  • Development of a new Climate Change Strategy for the NWT beginning in 2016. The Strategy will include both climate change adaptation and mitigation, and will facilitate the mainstreaming of adaptation in the NWT. This will provide decision makers at all levels (including government) to have the information needed to incorporate climate change considerations into their actions, plans, policies and business decisions.