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Beverage Container Program

BCP - Distributors, manufacturers and retailers

Distributors or manufacturers

Distributors include any person or business that imports ready-to-serve drinks into the Northwest Territories (NWT) or sells ready-to-serve drinks to retailers.

Manufacturers include any person or business that fills beverage containers with a ready-to-serve drink. Distributors and manufacturers must register with the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) and participate in the Program.

The role and responsibilities of distributors and manufacturers can be found in the BCP Regulations or the Plain Language Summary.

Distributors are also required to submit monthly reports and remittances to the Environment Fund based on the number of containers that they distribute or sell.


Retailers include stores, restaurants, and other businesses that buy ready-to-serve drinks from a registered distributor and sell them to the public.

Retailers must be a registered distributor if they buy ready-to-serve drinks from anyone that is not a registered distributor.  To register as a distributor of beverage containers in the NWT, download the application form.

Retailers are encouraged to show the surcharge on the sales slip when they sell ready-to-serve drinks.