Bear safety

Bears in the NWT

The Northwest Territories (NWT) is home to blackgrizzly and polar bears.  

Bears normally avoid contact with people. However, any wild animal can attack if cornered, threatened or wounded. The best bear safety method is prevention.

Unplanned bear encounters can be expected when people and bears occupy the same land. These encounters often results in the bear being destroyed.

As the human population expands, and as industrial development causes allows for more widespread penetration into bear country, conflicts between humans and bears will increase. Dealing with nuisance or problem bears is becoming an increasing bigger problem in the NWT during the spring and summer months. 

Be safe

When you're in the NWT, you're in bear country. Remember to follow basic bear safety precautions. Also, you are advised not to feed wildlife in the NWT.

Report a sighting

  • Report all bear sightings to your local Environment and Natural Resources office.
  • Report a wildlife emergency using the 24-hour emergency wildlife numbers.