Apply for Take a Kid Trapping Funding

Apply for the Take a Kid Trapping Program

  • Download the funding guidelines and application form
    • Proposals for project funding should be submitted to ENR for review and approval.
    • Interested agencies are encouraged to work with ENR to create a program that meets their requirements.
    • Applicants are encouraged to leverage funds from other agencies to increase community involvement and program depth.
    • All programs may not be funded.
    • Funding will be provided through contribution agreements and must be used prior to March 31 in any given year.

What is the Take a Kid Trapping Program?

The Take a Kid Trapping Program is designed to introduce school age youth in the Northwest Territories to the traditional harvesting practices of hunting, trapping, fishing and outdoor survival. The program is delivered through schools and Indigenous organizations, in co-operation with the Government of the Northwest Territories, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR). The program is funded by the Departments of ENRMunicipal and Community Affairs (MACA) and Health and Social Services (HSS).

What does it involve?

Instructors incorporate visits to trap lines and hands-on experience setting traps, snares and fishnets. These activities teach traditional life skills, conservation and best practices in the preparation of pelts for market.

What are the benefits?

Take a Kid Trapping provides an ideal foundation to prepare youth for other trapper training programs. It is consistent with the NWT Wildlife ActNWT Trapping Regulations and the Agreement on International Humane Trap Standards. The delivery of this program is consistent with the Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program marketing strategy.