Apply for Interim Resource Management Assistance (IRMA)

The Interim Resource Management Assistance (IRMA) is intended to strengthen the ability of Indigenous communities in unsettled land claim areas of the Northwest Territories to participate in land and resource management activities affecting their land use areas.

In particular, IRMA supports First Nation and Métis groups to participate in consultations associated with regulatory processes, environmental assessments, and resource management policy and legislation. IRMA can also assist in establishing and retaining capacity in communities.

IRMA consists of two components: base funding and resource pressures funding. Base funding is allocated once a year on a per capita basis. Eligible organizations may also submit proposals for resource pressures funding to cover additional costs related to major project developments.


April to June: Base Funding applications accepted

April to June: Resource Pressure Funding (RPF) applications accepted

October to December: Resource Pressure Funding second call


Funding is able to be used for the following types of expenses: 

  • Salaries or contract costs of land and resource management staff
  • Costs of committees or working groups established to provide input to resource management boards processes created under the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act (MVRMA), such as the land and water boards; water licence and land use permitting processes; or environmental assessment processes run by the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board
  • Research and capacity enhancement that is initiated by a community in response to pressures from land and resource management
  • Costs of professional expertise
  • Costs associated with the development of various maps, documents, reports that are needed to analysis environmental and social impacts of a proposed development
  • 15% of base funding can be used for operating costs associated with project work
  • An administrative fee of 10% can be used from resource pressures funding or funding that is given for creating or attending workshops

The IRMA committee allocates resource pressures funding according to the merits of the proposals. For more information, please view the
IRMA 2021-22 Program Proposal Guidelines. If you have any questions, or seek support in submitting an application you can contact the IRMA coordinator at