2020 NWT Environmental Audit

About the Audit

The 2020 Audit is looking at the effectiveness of the NWT regulatory system, the quality of environmental information used to make decisions, and processes related to monitoring cumulative impacts. The Audit will make recommendations that are intended to improve how the environment is managed.

Most aspects of the Audit cover all NWT regions, including both the Mackenzie Valley and the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR). However, since the ISR is governed by different environmental legislation, its regulatory system will not be examined.

Who conducts the Audit?

The Audit is being conducted by an independent Auditor named the NWT Environmental Audit Team (NWTauditor@stratos-sts.com), a Joint Venture of practitioners who either live or have worked extensively in the NWT. The Auditor was selected through a competitive process and is under contract to the GNWT. A steering committee of Indigenous, territorial and federal government representatives was involved in the Auditor selection and is overseeing the Audit.

What will the Auditor do?

The Auditor will:

  • review the effectiveness of the regulatory regime created under the MVRMA to protect the environment from significant impacts
  • consider the effectiveness of methods used to monitor cumulative environmental impacts
  • identify key gaps in information used to determine cumulative impacts and environmental trends for water quality and quantity*
  • review actions taken in response to recommendations in past audits

The Auditor will accomplish this by collecting information and views from a wide range of sources, including people involved in land and water management, as well as the public.

*Water quality and quantity was chosen by the Audit Steering Committee as a key area of focus for the 2020 Audit.

How can I contribute to the Audit?

NWT residents can provide their views and concerns to the Auditor in a number of ways.

Online Survey

The public will have an opportunity to provide comments through this online public survey. The survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.  Please complete the survey by May 31, 2019.


Open Houses

Open houses are being organized in regional centers from February until May 2019. Currently scheduled sessions include:

    • Inuvik - February 26th 7-9 pm - Midnight Sun Complex
    • Yellowknife - March 12th 5-7 pm - Northern United Place
    • Fort Smith - April 16th 11:30-1:30 - Roaring Rapids Hall
    • Behchokǫ̀ - April 24th 11:30-1:30 - Kǫ̀ Gocho Centre, Mezzanine
    • Hay River - May 16th 11:30-1:30 - Recreation Centre
    • Fort Simpson - May 22nd 7-9 p.m.- Recreation Centre
    • Norman Wells - May 29th 7-9 p.m. - Dennis Drolet Memorial (Community) Hall
  • Contact the Auditor

NWT residents can also contact the Auditor directly at:

Where can I find more information?

General questions can be forwarded to the Northwest Territories Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (NWT CIMP) at nwtcimp@gov.nt.ca.