Report something

Wildland fire

Fire operations:                                 1-877-NWT-FIRE (698-3473)

When reporting a wildfire, provide the following information:

  • your phone number
  • location of the fire
  • what is burning (trees? what species?)
  • size of the fire
  • how quickly the fire is spreading
  • colour of the smoke
  • whether there are lives or values at risk

Your assistance is greatly appreciated, to help to quickly determine the appropriate response to wildland fire activity.


24-Hour Spill Report Line              1-867-920-8130

Spills must be immediately reported to the 24-Hour Spill Report Line.

Wildlife emergency

Inuvik Region (Inuvik)                     1-867-678-0289

Sahtu Region (Normal Wells)         1-867-587-2422

North Slave Region (Yellowknife)   1-867-873-7181

South Slave Region (Fort Smith)    1-867-872-0400

Hay River Area Office (Hay River)  1-867-875-7640

Dehcho Region (Fort Simpson)      1-867-695-7433

Big game vehicle collision

Report in person or call:                     1-866-762-2437

If you accidentally kill or seriously wound any big game (e.g. moose, bison, caribou, muskox) with a vehicle, you must report the incident to a Renewable Resource Officer at a local or regional Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) office within 24 hours. You must provide the name of the person who killed or seriously wounded the wildlife, an explanation of the incident, the time, date and location of the incident, the species and quantity involved, and any other information requested by an Officer.

Bison in the Bison Control Area

All regions:                                          1-866-629-6438

Bison in the greater Wood Buffalo National Park (WBNP) meta-population, including all subpopulations within WBNP and the Slave River Lowlands may be infected with bovine tuberculosis or brucellosis, or both. Anyone who sees a bison within the BCA is asked to report the sighting as soon as possible, as bison are capable of travelling long distances. The success of this program depends greatly on the public's cooperation and support.

Wildlife violation

All regions:                                         1-866-762-2437

Violations of renewable resource legislation are serious offences. Violators, such as poachers, deplete wildlife populations and destroy natural habitat. Any information you have concerning a suspected violation is greatly appreciated. If you see something suspicious or illegal, please call and provide as much detail about the situation as possible, including date, time, location, vehicle licence plate, air registration letters or boat registration number and the nature of the incident. This toll-free line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Information provided is passed on to a Renewable Resource Officer.

Wildlife sighting (observation)

All wildlife, including bears:               Local or regional ENR office

Species at Risk:                      

Management and conservation of wildlife and habitat

Submit your public comments about management and conservation of wildlife or their habitat in the Northwest Territories (NWT). ENR has established a process for receiving submissions for public review from interested persons and bodies in respect of management and conservation of wildlife and habitat in the NWT, as per Section 16 of the Wildlife Act.