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It is important to the people of the Northwest Territories to have a healthy environment to live in and for it to form the basis of a healthy economy. Examining the state of the environment can tell us if our environment is changing, and where action may be needed to address problems.

Understanding our world is key to making informed decisions now and in the future. The goal of the NWT State of the Environment Report is to provide information about our changing environment to identify trends and help make decisions so NWT residents can continue to enjoy clean air and productive forests, land, waters and wildlife.


The specific objectives of the NWT State of the Environment Report are to:

  • Provide an assessment of environmental status and trends in the NWT
  • Provide data and information for territorial, national and international state of the environment initiatives
  • Provide an early-warning system of possible impacts resulting from environmental change

Information included

Everything in our environment is interconnected. There is no single measure that tells us how the environment is doing. To make sense of the whole picture, we need to look at a wide range of different environmental components and how they relate to each. The NWT State of the Environment Report provides detailed information on our environment to help us understand what is happening in our changing world.

The report provides information on the state of specific indicators of our environment and, where possible, looks at what changes have occurred over time and what changes we might expect in the future. Currently, most of the indicators in the report are science-based. In some cases, the report provides information on how the NWT compares to other parts of Canada or other parts of the world. Data and information included in the NWT State of the Environment Report comes from a wide range of agencies and published sources. The report provides links to the original sources of information and contact information so you can find more information on each topic.

The web-based report is updated when new information becomes available.

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