The little loon that could

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Meet Little Dean, the loon! He was brought in to ENR by a concerned member of the public, who suspected he was injured after spotting him walking on land. It is a common misconception that loons walking on land are in need of assistance. Their feet and legs make them excellent swimmers, but give them a rather awkward gait, as they are set quite far back anatomically on their bodies.

Upon examination, ENR Wildlife Veterinarian Naima Jutha confirmed Little Dean was in good health and overall condition, and fit to be released back into the wild.

“We found a suitable  open body of water that was perfect loon habitat, gave him a short pep talk, and Little Dean swam off, diving and interacting with another loon shortly after, before finding his own corner of the lake to settle,” says Jutha.

Happy trails, Little Dean!

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