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Wildlife Research

A valid wildlife research permit is required for anyone who wants to study wildlife or wildlife habitat in the Northwest Territories (NWT). A permit is required to conduct a survey or census of wildlife or wildlife behaviour, administer drugs, collect or purchase specimens or carry out any scientific research relating to wildlife. If you will be handling wildlife you will need a further permit.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) is responsible for issuing wildlife research permits in the NWT. Research includes monitoring, experiments, surveys and/or any type of study done for the collection of vertebrates, except fish, and/or wildlife habitat-related information or data.

Additional or alternative permits may be needed to study fish, fisheries, traditional knowledge, bird banding, bird collection, contaminants, human health; to undertake social research; or for research in a National Park or Wildlife Sanctuary. The Aurora Research Institute can provide more information on additional permits.

Wildlife research permits are free. Always carry your valid permit while studying conducting wildlife research in the NWT.

Please note, a new Wildlife Research Permit cannot be issued until follow-up reports for previous permits have been provided to ENR.

Information and project reports from  the Western Kitikmeot/Slave Study Project