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Tundra Ecosystem Research Station

The Tundra Ecosystem Research Station (TERS) is located on Daring Lake, Northwest Territories about 300 kilometres northeast of Yellowknife at 111°35´West 64°52´North. It is in the Southern Arctic Ecozone, 50 km north of the treeline.

TERS was established in 1994 as a multi-purpose facility to facilitate long-term research and monitoring of the tundra ecosystem. It also supports the conservation education program Tundra Science and Culture Camp, which has been operating since 1995.The station is located in the Southern Arctic Ecozone 50 km north of treeline.

The research station is a model facility using solar and wind power. It also uses the latest techniques in waste management and bear deterrence. TERS operates as a cooperative with many partner organizations.

The area is now considered ancestral land of the Tlicho or Dogrib Dene. Ancient artifacts and debris, such as chipped stones and tools, have provided evidence of past traditional use.