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Sport Fishing Regulations

Information on fish species, daily catch and possession limits, general regulations and additional validation and special management areas listed in the NWT Sport Fishing Guide.

ENR recommends keeping the guide in your tackle box for a quick reference while fishing in the NWT.

Remember these important tips when fishing:

  • have your fishing licence with you at all times
  • use barbless hooks; they are mandatory for sport fishing in the NWT
  • stay within daily catch and possession limit
  • stay safe by practicing safe boating, making sure all campfires are completely out before leaving them and being bear aware

Attention Sports Fishers: Updated Limits for 2015

New limits are now in effect for Little Buffalo River and Resolution Bay* as follows:

  • Daily catch limit for Northern Pike is 1 and  the possession limit is 2
  • Daily catch limit for Walleye is 1 and the possession limit is 1 for the period of April 1st to June 6th, 2015.
  • Daily catch limit for Walleye is 1 and the possession limit is 2 for the period of June 7th to March 31st, 2016.

For more information regarding these limits or any questions about fishing regulations contact your local Fisheries and Oceans Canada or ENR office.

*Resolution Bay is defined as waters within a straight line connecting Pine Point and Mission Island