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Fire operations

Protecting your property (values at risk)

What is a Value at Risk?

A Value at Risk, or VAR, is any feature on the land which would be “negatively affected by fire”. This means anything that could be damaged by fire, such as a cabin or a tent frame.

A properly protected cabin, which was 'fire smarted', survived a forest fire during the summer of 2014.


The best way to reduce risk is to be proactive, and FireSmart your cabin or other property.

Register your Values at Risk

Knowing about your cabin or value at risk is the first step to protecting it. Knowing about it means we can make appropriate decisions to help protect it in the event of a wildland fire.

Download the Values at Risk form, fill it out and send, fax or deliver it in person to your regional office. If you have trouble filling out the form, staff at the regional office will help you.

Information is kept private

Data collected will only be used by fire managers for fire management purposes.