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Aklavik flood - May 2006
Climate Change

Recent updates:

Global climate change is one of the most serious environmental, economic, social and political challenges of our time. The NWT is warming at a rate three to four times faster than the global average.

Because the NWT experiences the effects of climate change sooner and faster, the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) is committed to supporting both global and local actions to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases that cause climate change, and to take action to adapt to impacts from warming over the past few decades.

This website provides details on work the GNWT, through Environment and Natural Resources (ENR), is doing to respond to climate change:

  • Science and Monitoring provides further details on the greenhouse gas tracking undertaken by the GNWT and Environment Canada. These tracking mechanisms allow the GNWT to report on our progress towards our emission targets. This section also details some of the interesting research projects and partnerships investigating climate change impacts throughout the NWT.
  • Investments in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency are undertaken though the Department of Public Works and Services (PWS), with the help of Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA). ENR continues to maintain a working relationship with our colleagues, providing expertise and resources in developing and promoting the use of renewable energy in the NWT. This section contains information on renewable potential throughout the NWT, as well as ways to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and power our homes and businesses.
  • Partnerships highlights some of the partnerships that ENR has developed in order to facilitate increased capacity in dealing with climate change and its impacts.