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Permits are required to undertake certain activities in the NWT forests.

Permit to Burn

Permits to burn are free. A permit to burn is required if you are lighting a fire outside of municipal limits for anything other than cooking food or warming yourself. Permits can be obtained from your local or regional ENR office. For permits to burn WITHIN Municipal Limits contact your nearest ENR office, hamlet or band office. Remember, every fire is a potential forest fire hazard. Do not leave any fire unattended

Permit to Cut Wood

Free wood cutting permits are required to harvest firewood in the NWT. You can pick up your free wood cutting permit from your local or regional ENR office.

Timber Cutting Permits or Timber Cutting Licence

Timber operations are required to follow all applicable federal and territorial legislation including the Forest Management Act and Forest Management Regulations. Operators wishing to harvest timber commercially in the Northwest Territories must apply to obtain an authorization to harvest timber. Authorizations for commercial timber harvesting are all volume based and include a timber cutting licence or timber cutting permit. More information on applying for timber cutting licences or timber cutting permits can be found in the Commercial Timber Harvest Planning and Operations: Standard Operating Procedures Manual.

Pesticide Permit

A permit is required to use commercial pesticides anywhere in the NWT. Contact ENR's Environment Division at 1-867-767-9236 ext. 53176 to get an application for pesticide permit and more information on the application process.

Wildlife Research Permit

A valid Wildlife Research Permit is required to study wildlife or wildlife habitat in the NWT. It is an offence under the Wildlife Act to conduct a survey or census of wildlife or wildlife behaviour, administer drugs, collect or purchase specimens or carry out any scientific research relating to wildlife without a permit. If your research will entail handling wildlife, you will need a further permit to do so. Permits are issued by ENR.

Wildlife Research Permit Recommendation Form