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Cumulative Impact Monitoring (NWT CIMP)

NWT CIMP is a source of environmental monitoring and research in the NWT. The program coordinates, conducts, and funds the collection, analysis and reporting of information related to environmental conditions in the NWT. Its main purpose is to support better resource management decision-making and the wise use of our resources by furthering our understanding of cumulative impacts and environmental trends. For more information see About us.

*NEW    NWT CIMP Annual Report 2014 2015

Please check out the NWT CIMP Annual Report 2014 2015 to learn about the different activities NWT CIMP conducted.

2016/17 Project Funding - Call for Letters of Intent

We thank everyone who submitted a Letter of Intent for 2016/17 funding. Successful applicants have been invited to submit a proposal due by January 15, 2016 at 4:00 pm (MT). Proposal templates must be used and are available in the Scientific Proposal Guide.

Please contact for further information.

NWT CIMP Action Plan 2016-2020

The NWT CIMP Action Plan 2016-2020 outlines the key objectives and activities of the program for the next five years. The plan builds on current program successes with a continued focus on three priority Valued Components: caribou, water and fish.