10. Contaminants

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Last Updated: 
May 26, 2015


The Northwest Territories (NWT) has very low levels of pollution compared to many parts of the world. It is important to people in the NWT to know their environment and food is safe and healthy.

A contaminant is a substance found in a place where it should not be. It may or may not be harmful, depending on what it is and the amount present. Types of contaminants found in the Canadian North include persistent organic pollutants (POPs), heavy metals and radionuclides.

This focal point tracks potential contaminants in caribou and fish. It also tracks current efforts to remediate existing contaminated sites in the NWT and the number of spills of hazardous material reported in each NWT ecozone. Air quality and the level of contaminants in the atmosphere are reported in the Air focal point.

Overturned transport truck, ice road, NWT.
Containing a fuel spill near Yellowknife, NWT.