Have Your say! Draft Bathurst Caribou Range Plan

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How do I provide feedback?

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If you would like to submit comments, please provide them in writing (with rationale and/or recommended changes) by March 31, 2018. 

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Thank you for your interest in caribou management in the NWT. We look forward to hearing from you!

What is this engagement about?

The Draft Bathurst Caribou Range Plan is a guide for decision-makers, companies and communities to help manage activities on the land in a way that supports the recovery of the Bathurst herd.

Bathurst caribou travel thousands of kilometres every year, across a range that extends from southern and central Northwest Territories to the Bathurst Inlet in Nunavut and even as far south as northern Saskatchewan.

They may encounter human or natural disturbances along their route, including roads, communities, mines, camps and burned forests. These disturbances, along with the effects of a changing climate, can affect the size and health of the herd.

In 2014, due to concern over pressures on the Bathurst herd, work began on a Bathurst Caribou Range Plan to manage human and natural disturbance, such as wildland fire, across the herd's habitat.

A Working Group made up of Indigenous governments and organizations, industry, non-governmental organizations, co-management boards and territorial and federal governments has brought together scientific information and traditional knowledge to help develop options for habitat management.

    How can my contribution make a difference?

    The Range Plan will be finalized with input received during this round of engagement with Indigenous governments, stakeholders and the public.

    Where can I find out more?

    Caribou Range Assessment and Technical Information

    Land Use Scenarios & Economics

    Traditional Knowledge of Caribou and Caribou People

    Results of past public engagement

    From February to June 2017, the GNWT asked our Indigenous partners, decisions-makers and other NWT residents what a Draft Bathurst Caribou Range Plan should look like. The first round of engagement involved a series of regional invitational community workshops, public information sessions and written submissions.