Barren-ground Caribou

Bathurst Caribou Range Plan

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The Bathurst Caribou Range Plan Working Group is doing community and decision-maker engagement on options prior to developing a draft range plan.

Discussion documents have been produced to guide engagement:

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Caribou use large expanses of land throughout their seasonal movements often travelling thousands of kilometers annually. As a result, they encounter many features such as roads, communities, mines, camps, burned forests and can suffer by being disturbed by these features.

Bathurst Caribou
Bathurst Caribou

Due to concern over pressures on the Bathurst herd, a process was started to develop a Bathurst Caribou Range Plan (BCRP) to manage human and natural disturbance, such as wildland fire, across its habitat. Over the past two years, a Working Group (WG) consisting of Aboriginal governments and organizations, industry, non-governmental organizations, co-management boards and territorial and federal governments has brought together scientific and traditional knowledge information to help develop options for habitat management. 

The WG is entering a phase of community and decision-maker engagement on these options prior to developing a draft range plan. A discussion document has been produced to guide engagement, available soon.