Barren-ground Caribou

Barren-ground caribou are the most abundant subspecies of caribou found in the Northwest Territories (NWT). Various herds range over the taiga forests and tundra of the NWT mainland.

Many people rely on caribou as a food source, and caribou hides are still traditionally tanned and made into clothing such as jackets, gloves and footwear.

There are several distinct barren-ground caribou herds in the NWT:  

NWT Barren-ground caribou herd ranges and calving areas
NWT Barren-ground caribou herd ranges and calving areas

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) tracks the movements of barren-ground caribou cows using satellite collars.

The GNWT is responsible for the management, habitat conservation and sustainable use of barren-ground caribou, and collaborates with Aboriginal governments and organizations, co-management boards and communities.

Co-management processes, established under land claim agreements in the Inuvialuit, Gwich'in, Sahtu and Tlicho settlement areas provide direction and advice to governments on management of caribou and habitat using traditional and scientific knowledge. 

Some NWT barren-ground caribou herds are shared with neighbouring jurisdictions.