Apply to do research

What research needs to be licensed?

All research in the Northwest Territories (NWT) must be licensed. This includes work in the physical, social and biological sciences, as well as in traditional knowledge and health. This applies to all researchers, including government agencies. 

Research licensing in the NWT involves authorities at the local, territorial and federal level.

The general objective of the research regulatory processes is to avoid harm to the natural, social and cultural environments of the NWT.

Information about your work is shared with northern residents through the licensing process.

How long does it take to get a licence?

You are advised to submit your licensing and related application(s) at least three months prior to the planned start date of fieldwork.

How is the licensing process different in the NWT?

What differentiates NWT processes from those in most Canadian jurisdictions is the inclusion of community consultation in most of the regulatory processes.

Many of these processes also include provisions to ensure that local communities are well informed of upcoming research projects, and that the knowledge resulting from the studies returns to the local level.

Basic guidelines

For some very basic guidelines to assist in determining what licences and/or permits you will require, please consider the following: