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Northern Leopard Frog

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The Northern Leopard Frog is usually green, or sometimes brownish, with an unmarked, milky-white underside. It has dark spots with distinct light borders. It grows to a maximum length of approximately 11 cm. Newly hatched tadpoles are slender and black.

Northern Leopard Frog
Northern Leopard Frog


In 2013, the Northwest Territories (NWT) Species at Risk Committee designated the northern leopard frog as Threatened in the NWT because of its small, shrinking range and its declining population. In 2015, the northern leopard frog was listed as Threatened in the NWT under the territorial Species at Risk (NWT) Act. An NWT recovery strategy for the northern leopard frog was required within two years of listing. In response, an NWT Amphibian Management Plan was developed, which considers the needs of all amphibians in the NWT.